Nature, Nurture, and Knowledge

At the Fund II Foundation Restoration Retreat, young souls find a haven where nature’s embrace and enlightening workshops weave together, nurturing their path to self-discovery and boundless potential.

Origins: From Dream to Haven

In 2018, Linda Wilson, the visionary Executive Director of Fund II Foundation, birthed Restoration Retreat. A sanctuary crafted from a dream, it stands as a haven where Black girls and boys, touched by life’s harsher shadows, find a space to be both tender and mighty.





Retreat Recap: 2023

Step back in time to Restoration Retreat 2023. Relive the laughs, the lessons, and the close ties that were formed. This video shines a light on the special memories we create together.

Workshop Spotlight

Restoration Retreat workshops are designed to spark interest, unlock potential, broaden horizons, and shape the leaders of tomorrow. 

Dental Hygiene

Covers essential techniques and tools, guiding youth towards improved oral health and confident smiles.

Who Am I?

Guides youth through understanding personality nuances and appreciating diversity.

Financial Literacy

Equips youth with the knowledge and money management skills to create a secure financial future.


Introduces youth to the captivating world of birds and fosters a deeper appreciation for wildlife and nature.

Coding & Robotics

Immerses youth in the dynamic field of artificial intelligence, software coding, robotics, and virtual reality.

African Dance

Invites youth to embrace the rhythms of African dance, celebrating a rich heritage while promoting physical wellness.

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